The European Golf Group is a group of professional companies offering a one-stop solution for all projects related to golf infrastructure.

Professionals working together in modern way, responding to clients with valuable projects be it big or small. In a manner that our clients feel comfortable with;

  • Knowledge-able and experienced, all members have at least 20 years of experience in their field of expertise
  • Flexible and cost effective
  • Quality oriented throughout the process from Design to Maintenance

The European Golf Group has its origin in European Golf, the synthetic turf specialist. Since then various award winning and renowned architects and project managers have joined the group Libor Jirasek with Golfer in Czech Republic covering Eastern Europe an Russia, Rainer Preissman in Germany, covering west Europe and Harold Swann in the UK, Cees van Nieuwenhuizen covering Spain and China to offer design services for private greens, 3-6-9 holes courses and 3-4-5* golf courses.

Our group consists of golf accessory suppliers a Golf comfort in Germany, specializing in high-end tee-up systems and netting, our group consists of specialist sports and golf contractors such as ST Groupe in France.

Within the group

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