3-6-9 Hole course

The first step into the true game of Golf is “playing” the course.
More and more clubs, private investors and golf teachers have
a variety of reasons for opening a short game course facility in
natural grass or in synthetic golf turf for greens and tees. Using
synthetic golf turf can prolong the season and significantly
reduce the cost in maintenance, watering, chemical
application and heating.

These type of facilities are usually being build for two reasons:

A new facility: To promote the sport of golf in a certain area and thus finding a way to get more people to play golf with very low entry barriers. Typically this is a Private or Public Pay & Play type of facility which can also include a driving range and restaurant.

A practice facility: Next to an 18 hole course to prolong the season for teaching and to increase restaurant, shop sales and teaching clinic revenue.

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